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VISITS: All pets will be visited at least once every 24 hours. Visit appointments are made through the online appointment system through Amy Lynn’s Animal Care, LLC. New Clients should message through the Precise Petcare Portal or call (716)713-1776 to schedule a Meet and Greet after fully completing a profile. No appointments can be confirmed until after a Meet and Greet. Should you have any questions about logging in please don't hesitate to contact Amy Lynn's Animal Care, LLC for assistance.

The time slots are a range as exact times cannot be guaranteed due to weather, traffic and situations at other visits.  Please note any specific requests and they will be worked with as much as possible. Always take the time to review for accuracy, Day, Date and Time Slot. Be sure that you pet proof your house and yard, Amy Lynn’s Animal Care, LLC cannot be responsible for owner error. Note that your sitter will make the best determination due to weather conditions and how much time the pet should spend outside.


PAYMENT: Daily client payment due on first scheduled service date of the week. Out of town/Vacation clients require a 50% deposit at time of booking for first time clients all others are due the first date of service, balance due first day of service. Deposit is non-refundable but may be applied to other/rescheduled services, see cancellation policy. Cash is appreciated, change is not readily available. Post dated checks are not accepted. Checks can be mailed prior to service. PayPal through your invoice, you can use a credit card without having a PayPal Account. Venmo is also accepted @ALAC14033.  All returned checks will be charged an additional $30 fee. A daily overdue fee of $10 will be charged until payment in full is received. Account will be on hold with no further appointments until payment is current.


CANCELLATION: Three days notice is required for cancellation for standard pet sitting & vacation services, not including holidays. A 20% cancellation fee of the scheduled service will be charged if canceled less than 3 days. Holiday cancellations, within 14 days of the holiday, will result in a 50% charge. Daily clients who cancel before 9am will be credited to their account. Refunds will not be given for services paid in advance, they will be credited toward future visits. Out of town/Vacation clients that return early will not be credited for remaining visits. 


FEES: All service fees are located on the appointment system which is accessible through our website . There is a HOLIDAY surcharge of $4 per visit for the following days: Easter Sunday, Memorial Day (Observed), Independence Day (4th Specifically), Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  Meet & Greet (Initial Consultation) is free when you schedule and pay for a service. If no service is contracted there is a $21 fee. Should you like to conduct an interview at no charge that can be performed over the phone. SHORT NOTICE FEE if scheduling with 72 hours or less notice $5. 


SPECIAL OFFERS/DISCOUNTS: May not be combined. It is the responsibility of the client to note the offer or promotion code in the scheduling system to receive the applicable discount. Referral discounts will be entered by Amy Lynn's Animal Care, LLC.


EMERGENCY CONTACTS: It is important that Amy Lynn’s Animal Care, LLC have emergency contacts that have access to your home when you are away that are willing to care for your pets in an emergency.  This includes but is not limited to natural and man made disasters or when Amy Lynn’s Animal Care, LLC is unable to provide care for any reason. Any missed visits by Amy Lynn’s Animal Care, LLC will be credited to your account.


PET PHOTOS: Pet photos will be taken for identification purposes as well as to be used on social media. Client identity will not be disclosed, unless you choose to do so yourself. Clients are welcome to share their pet(s)'s photos. 


NO FLEAS: Visits will not be performed in flea infested homes. It is the client's responsibility to maintain a flea free environment. Should fleas and or flea dirt be observed during a visit, client will be notified and services will be put on hold until remedied.


EMERGENCY VET VISITS: Amy Lynn’s Animal Care, LLC will make every attempt to contact you or your emergency contact in the event of an illness or injury of your pet. If possible we will provide transportation to your local vet. When necessary the closest Emergency Clinic (ie; Orchard Park, Hamburg) would be utilized. Please make sure we have all of your pets current information so we are prepared, Amy Lynn’s Animal Care, LLC hopes to not need it. Amy Lynn’s Animal Care, LLC will not be responsible for decisions or financial payments for veterinary care.


HOME ACCESS & SUPPLIES: Clients must provide 2 sets of working keys for access to home. If only one key is provided, Amy Lynn's Animal Care, LLC will be happy to make a copy for a $5 surcharge. Keys not in active use are secured in a lock box. Back-up key is in case of emergency such as broken key. Keypad access can be hindered due to power outages so a key must be provided for backup.  Keys not kept on file will be charged pickup/drop off fees. Client must provide all alarm company phone numbers and codes at Meet and Greet. SNOW REMOVAL is client responsibility. Driveway and home must be accessible at scheduled visit times, shoveling is NOT part of our visit responsibilities. PET SUPPLIES of all kinds are the client’s responsibility, this includes but not limited to food, water, leashes (4’-6’ in good working order, no retractable leashes due to safety concerns), cleaning supplies, pooper scoopers, litter supplies, bedding. Trip charges for supplies will be charged and no further scheduling will be approved until paid. 


PROOF OF VACCINATIONS: Current vaccination history must be provided to Amy Lynn’s Animal Care, LLC to keep on file and updated annually.  Rabies vaccine is not optional without a letter from your veterinarian explaining medical issues.


OTHER CONTRACTOR/SERVICES ACCESS: Amy Lynn’s Animal Care, LLC will not perform work while others are in the home or share responsibilities. This includes cleaning services/maids, remodelers etc. We must have the make and model of all cars that will be in the driveway while you are away. If it appears that someone without permission is in the home, the police will be called. Amy Lynn’s Animal Care, LLC will not be liable for damages or loss when others have access to the home.


COMPLETE YOUR CLIENT & PET INFORMATION: Provide as much detail as possible when completing the information for your home and pet(s).  Work numbers for daily clients and hotel numbers for travel as there are times when cell phone networks will be down. The more information the more successful our relationship will be. You can go back at anytime and add more or update as needed. 


RETURNING HOME: It is your responsibility to notify your sitter once you have returned home from business or personal travel. This can be a message through the Precise Petcare Portal. Anytime is fine. Once you are home, not before, and your pets are back in your care is when you should contact us. If we do not hear from you it is thought you didn’t make it back, therefore if any additional visits are made regardless of your return you will be charged a standard visit fee. Also, if there is a delay in your return, we will do all we can to accommodate the extra visit(s). 


It is the goal of Amy Lynn’s Animal Care, LLC to provide the best quality stay at home pet care for diligent owners. We appreciate your business and look forward to a long trustworthy relationship. Please contact us with any questions.

Amy Lynn Alexander, Owner/Operator

"Keep 'em Home & Happy!"

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