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Client Testimonials

"Thanks for your care of all of my animal family while I was gone. Your professional competence makes my vacation much more enjoyable!"

Lee B. 6/29/18 


"Amy is a great pet sitter. We went away for 10 days and felt all was under control. We have horses,dogs ,cats ,chickens and a rabbit. She kept us updated and sent pics too. Definitely recommend her services and we will certainly call her again!" 

Nancy C.


"After we decided to add a third puppy to our two dog home, we hired Amy to do midday checks for our dogs specifically to check on the new pup. We decided to crate train her, especially in her very early days, to make sure that she was safe while home and adjusting well to the other dogs. Our situation is challenging because we have GIANT breed dogs. A Great Dane, a Saint Bernard, and the pup- another Great Dane. Sometimes people are intimidated by dogs that weight 160-180 lbs, but not Amy! When we had our meet and greet you could tell she is a natural animal person. The dogs took to her very calm, sweet personality extremely quickly and we knew that we could trust her with our fur-kids. Amy visited Cinder weekly for quite a long time until she was big enough to go it alone with her siblings. She sends updates promptly after each visit which was awesome and kept our minds at ease. The dogs were super happy, and everything in the house was perfect just as we left it. We will continue to use Amy as our preferred dog sitter whenever we go away and definitely when we inevitably get another puppy! She is great with animals. One thing that really stood out was that she noticed when our dog had a small lump on her back. We had noticed it, but it was very small and it meant a lot that Amy was observant enough to notice a potential health problem. She is the perfect dog sitter and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking!"

Cinder's Mom 


"Amy, thanks so much for feeding and looking after the animals while I was gone today.  It was such a relief to get your text.  I'm always afraid the key won't work, or I got the day wrong or something.  LOL.  It was nice to get out and not have to worry about the pets!"

Pal's Mom


"Thanks Amy for taking such great care of Eli, Pinky, and Zippy.  We shall contact you for our future pet sitting services and refer you to others!


Pinky's Mom


"Thanks for taking care of my little herd! It was great to get away for a weekend and know that my critters were being well cared for and loved while I was away!" 

Ophelia's Mom


"Thanks for taking care of both my boys!  Amy has great experience with horses and is doing a super job.  It is a comfort to know they are well cared for when I can't be there."

Diego's Mom


Service areas include but not limited to:  Boston, Colden, East Aurora, Glenwood, North Boston, Orchard Park,  and West Falls.

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