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  • Amy Lynn Alexander

Holiday Donation Drive Joyful Rescues

It's that time of year where the mailbox fills up and the phone rings with all those requests for holiday donations. Many of us have our regular charities and organizations that we give to to try and keep the giving in check. It can become a big part of the holiday stress. "Did I give enough?" "Am I mean for saying no?" "Should I give all to one or a little to all?" In the end, we give what we can, when we can and need to know that it is a good thing. And for those that are volunteering their time, which is invaluable, there is typically a payoff in an interaction that makes them feel good! The charities and organizations we give to may or may not have rhyme or reason for being selected. We decide and should not feel guilty about those choices. Be grateful for what we have and what we can share with others.

One organization that I support is Joyful Rescues. They are a local,no kill rescue that saves adoptable pets. One of my dogs, Roscoe (pictured above), came from JR. I volunteer with them on occasional Saturdays at the local PetSmart. They have a list of items they are looking for this Holiday Season, some are specific and some can be used as noted. I will gladly help gather them if you are willing to donate or you can bring them to the Orchard Park PetSmart on Saturdays between 11:00am-2:00pm. They always welcome cash donations.

Items needed:

* Kennel Sol (available at Tractor Supply, etc.)

* Liquid Laundry Detergent

* Floor Cleaner (Lysol, Mr.Clean, etc.)

* Multi-Surface Spray Cleaner (409, etc.)

* Mops and Brooms

* Vinyl Gloves (Medium, Large and Extra-Large)

* Dishwasher Detergent

* Postage Stamps!

* Copy Paper

* Envelopes

* Collars/Leashes (New/Used, But no "Dollar Store"...they break)

* Staples Gift Cards

* PetSmart or Petco Gift Cards

* Home Depot Gift Cards

* Computer Mouse(s) (used is fine)

* Canned Dog Food (sick dogs especially love Caesars)

* Blankets (used is fine)

* Towels and Wash cloths (used is fine)

* Dog and Cat Toys

* "The World's Greatest Cat Litter" (for multiple cats - black & red bag) - no other brand please.

Thank you for considering Joyful Rescues. I can be reached at (716)713-1776 or

Thank you for reading,

Amy Lynn Alexander

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